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About Macha PSM

Macha PSM, LLC is committed to providing top-tier process safety consulting services. With a wealth of experience consulting for a diverse array of facilities, our team has successfully managed clients across various industries. Our expertise spans from small cold storage operations to some of the largest corporations globally. Our services include creating innovative PSM programs, leading Compliance Audits and Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs), and navigating EPA and OSHA inspections. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, Macha PSM, LLC is dedicated to establishing itself as a premier process safety consulting firm, delivering exceptional service and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

Notable Speaking Engagements

November 9-11, 2021

RETA National Conference

Schaumberg, IL

IIAR 6: Should I Hire a Contractor or Keep it In-House?

November 8-11, 2022

RETA National Conference

Reno, NV

Compliance Audits in a Post-Pandemic World (Recent Changes in IIAR Standards)

This white paper and presentation were co-led with Chad Collin.

March 23, 2023

California CUPA Conference

Anaheim, CA

Recent Changes to Ammonia Refrigeration RAGAGEP

This presentation was co-led with Chad Collin.

October 21-24, 2024

RETA National Conference

Grapevine, TX

How to Optimize Your PSM Program


Notable Memberships

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Notable Partnerships

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